Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Led Zeppelin - Weezer - Beck

Led Zeppelin


This interview cracked me up. It was the first time the band had been on British television and it is priceless.

Led Zeppelin Interview



Remember when Weezer was a good band? Here's a video of the band playing "Why Bother" off their album Pinkerton. Why can't they write songs like this anymore?



Beck leaked another new song called "Orphans" off his upcoming record, "Modern Guilt."

It's pretty sick. Listen to it here: "Orphans"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Wombats - Sigur Ros - Liz Phair - Tricky - Demetri Martin

The Wombats


The Wombats released their debut album "A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation" today and I like it a lot. They aren't reinventing the wheel here - it's just fun pub music to sing along to while you raise a pint to your mates.

Here's the video for their first single "Let's All Dance to Joy Division."

Sigur Ros


Sigur Ros has a new album out called, "með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust,” whatever the fuck that means. The first single is called, "Gobbledigook." Don't worry, I thought it said Gobble Dick too. You can download the single for free on their website. It's good.

Sigur Ros "Gobbledigook"

Liz Phair


This week marks the 15th anniversary of Liz Phair's groundbreaking album "Exile in Guyville," and it is being re-released with a special edition DVD too. Not too shabby.

This album really was a landmark for the so called "indie-movement" of the early nineties, and while she never really got main stream success like Jewwl or Tracey Chapman, Liz Phair paved the way for all of them. This album is a must have for anyone.

Exile in Guyville Trailer

Liz Phair "Never Said"


My old friend Tricky has a new single. It's been a while since he's put anything out and it's always great to hear new music from him. A few years back I was hanging out with Tricky and his crew here in Hollywood and he gave me the best compliment I think I have ever gotten.

Here's a rough transcript of the conversation.

Tricky: You're cool, man.

Me: Thanks.

Tricky passes me the joint

Tricky: No, seriously. You're cool, man.

Me: Thanks, Tricky. You're cool too, man.

Tricky: No, seriously. You're way cooler than Jay-Z.

That's right, Jay-Z. I win.

Demetri Martin


I've always thought that Demetri Martin was really funny, but it wasn't until I found some clips of his show, "Is I" that I realized how smart he is. Watch this and laugh your ass off...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

More Jokes

Friday, June 20, 2008

Guns N' Roses -Stephen Malkmus - The Exploding Hearts

Guns N' Roses


I've asked myself about a half a million times whether or not I actually care about Guns N' Roses anymore. I was twelve years old the last time Axl Rose actually released a record and I've spent all of my teens and early twenties watching the "Axl Rose Travelin' Train Wreck Tour" chip away at the Guns legacy.

Why can't I just accept this band is never going to be the wild pack of Hollywood Hooligans we all fell in love with back in the 80's? I mean, there's a million bands out there. Why can't I just move on and stop clinging to this tiny shred of of hope that Axl will lose about 50 pounds, take out those stupid braids, stop wearing football jerseys, reverse that awful plastic surgery, and then re-hire Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven Adler?

Two days ago some crappy blog posted 9 tracks from the long awaited Guns album "Chinese Democracy." They were promptly met with the legal arm of Axl and Co. and the songs were taken down. I didn't get a chance to hear the songs, but I'm sure they suck. It's the shear fact that I spent almost two hours pathetically searching for someone else who had posted them that depresses me. It's almost as sad as going to an ex-girlfriends Myspace page just to see how fat and ugly she has gotten. I would never do that.

This might be real -

New Guns N' Roses Song?

Stephen Malkmus


Stephen Malkmus is the funkiest white guy I know. You should know him too. Get to know him on his new album 'Real Emotional Trash" and when he goes on tour this summer. Lets all hope for an Los Angeles date very soon.

Stephen Malkmus Tour Dates

7-16 Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix Concert Theatre
7-17 Montreal, Quebec - La Tulipe
7-19 Brooklyn, NY - Coney Island (Siren Festival)
7-27 Niigata, Japan - Fuji Rock Festival
8-01 Chicago, IL - Grant Park (Lollapalooza)
8-24 Brighton, England - Komedia
8-25 Bristol, England - Thekla
8-27 Nottingham, England - Rescue Rooms
8-29 Argyll, Scotland - Hydro Connect Festival

Stephen Malkmus "We Can't Help You"

The Exploding Hearts


I had the chance to hang out with The Exploding Hearts way back in January of 2003 while they were on tour promoting their brand new record, "Guitar Romantic." They played a blistering show in front of about 8 people and then we all hung out in the parking lot of the venue drinking beers and sharing a lot of laughs.

Six months later, The Exploding Hearts were involved in a serious car crash while on tour that killed three of their members, singer Adam Cox, drummer Jeremey Gage and bassist Matt Fitzgerald. It was pretty devastating to know that these guys died just trying to play music. It was a true tragedy.

I found these videos online and I thought I would do my part to keep these guys legacy alive. Happy trails, dudes.

Live Video - Part 1

Live Video - Part 2

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

REM - Queens Of The Stone Age - Tilly and The Wall - The New Frontiers



Here is a video of the once great, then not so great, now great once again, REM playing on The Colbert Report. Michael Stipe looks like Moby. Actually, he looks worse than Moby. Good thing this song is great.

Queens Of The Stone Age


Let's get one thing straight - I don't agree with calling people "faggots" on stage - ever. It's something I just won't do. I also don't agree with threating people with violence at a show. If people get out of hand at a show it makes us all look bad. Remember Woodstock '99?

With that being said, any punk kid who throws shit at a band on stage, especially when that band is Queens Of The Stone Age, better be prepared to eat some shit and get their ass beat. When I was in 8th grade I threw a condom full of Slurpee at The Offspring and they pitched a fit at and walked off stage. The Offspring are pussies. That's why I did it. Queens Of The Stone Age are not.

Here is Josh Homme letting the kid know who is boss. Seriously, this guy is like 6 foot 8, 275 pounds. Didn't you hear about him kicking the shit out of that guy from The Dwarves? I'm pretty sure I could have taken all four guys from The Offspring, even when I was in 8th grade, but I would never mess with Josh Homme.

Josh Homme Yells At Kid

Billy Talent Reacts

Tilly and The Wall


Tilly and The Wall have a new single that I like a lot. The song is called "Pot Kettle Black." Here is the video.

Tilly and The Wall

The New Frontiers


I've been really enjoying this band from Texas called The New Frontiers. They have a pretty mellow record called "Mending" that just came out and it's great. Great stuff to make out to. Here's a live song of theirs called, 'Mirrors."

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Bloody Valentine - Pearl Jam - Jakob Dylan

My Bloody Valentine


This one kind of snuck up on me. I read last week that My Bloody Valentine was going to be playing their first batch of shows in over 15 years and when I woke up this morning I already had people sending me live videos from the first show. It looks like Kevin Shields and Co. are back and haven't missed a beat. Here is a video with rather shitty sound quality, but it'll give you the gist of what went down the other night.

My Bloody Valentine "Only Shallow"

Pearl Jam


According to reports, Pearl Jam played a blistering 3 hour set at Bonnaroo this weekend that marked their return to large festivals after the tragic deaths of 5 fans at a 2000 festival in Denmark. The band hadn't played a festival gig since, and I don't blame them.

After watching fat pieces of shit Metallica stink it up on the main stage the night before, Pearl Jam was a welcomed breath of fresh air and proved to be the fan favorite over the weekend.

As many records as Pearl Jam have sold over the years, I still feel like they are pretty underrated, considering they are the only real survivors of the grunge scene. Here is a video of their performance of "Black" at Bonnaroo.

Pearl Jam "Black"

Jakob Dylan


I've always rooted for Jakob Dylan over the years. It can't be easy having to follow in your father's footsteps - especially when your father is Bob Dylan. No matter what he does, he's always going to be Bob's kid.That's just not fair to do to anyone, but Jakob has always made interesting music - never really ripping his Dad off like so many people expected him too.

Jakob Dylan has a new solo record titled, "Seeing Things" that quietly came out on June 10th, 2008. It's pretty solid folk-rock stuff. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this record. It's rad. Buy it.

Jakob Dylan on David Letterman

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dennis Wilson - Dear And The Headlights - What Laura Says Thinks and Feels -

Dennis Wilson


Despite being BFF with Charles Manson for a while there, Dennis Wilson was a pretty remarkable guy. He was the original drummer for The Beach Boys, and he also managed to release a pretty amazing solo record called Pacific Ocean Blue before his tragic drowning death in 1983.

Pacific Ocean Blue has been out of print for many years and has been quite the white whale for collectors eager to own Dennis Wilson's only solo effort. Finally, the record has been remastered and released again thanks to Legacy Recordings and let me tell you, it's a true gem.

This was one of the most enjoyable records I have come across in a long time. Dennis Wilson really did have a knack for pop music, not so much the fun in the sun kind that his brother Brian perfected, but more of the reflective and haunting type that makes you crave a jack and coke with a splash of lime. This record is a must have for Beach Boys fans and anyone who wants to explore one of the most underrated songwriting talents of the 70's.

Dear and The Headlights - What Laura Says Thinks and Feels

Our good friends Dear and The Headlights are doing a quick tour with all around good guys What Laura Says Thinks and Feels in July. Here are the dates:

Jul 5 2008 8:00P The Knitting Factory - Los Angeles, California
Jul 6 2008 8:00P Chain Reaction - Anaheim, California
Jul 8 2008 8:00P Karma - Victorville, California
Jul 9 2008 8:00P Sidelines - Modesto, California
Jul 10 2008 8:00P Tonic Bar - Reno, Nevada
Jul 11 2008 8:00P The Venue - Boise, Idaho
Jul 12 2008 8:00P The Marquis Theater - Denver, Colorado
Jul 13 2008 8:00P Avalon Theater - Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 25 2008 8:00P Hotel Congress - Tucson, Arizona
Jul 26 2008 8:00P Launchpad w/ - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 28 2008 8:00P Warehouse Live - Houston, Texas
Jul 29 2008 8:00P Stubb’s BBQ - Austin, Texas
Jul 30 2008 8:00P House of Blues - Dallas, Texas
Jul 31 2008 8:00P Rock Bottom - San Antonio, Texas

Dear and The Headlights - Essential Noise Exclusive Performance